Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Home Of His Own

For four years, Hector had nowhere to call home. The occasional night or two spent in one shelter or another were all Hector could really hope for, as his prospects of finding housing waned with each passing year.

In the Winter of 2014, Hector had been sleeping on the streets in near freezing temperatures for almost a month when he decided to seek refuge at the St. Vincent de Paul Winter Warming Shelter in Oxnard. That was where Hector met Nicholas Starkey, a trained social worker and housing specialist headquartered at SVdPLA’s Ventura County Center.

Nicholas worked vigilantly to get Hector into permanent housing, and in early 2016 his efforts paid off when Hector settled into his new apartment. “We got Hector ready, took him to meet the landlord and got everything squared away,” Nicholas said. “So he was able to get into his own single room apartment and he’s been there for about a year.”

Nicholas continues to watch over and check in on Hector in his new home, where Hector finally has the dignity and independence he had lost hope of finding again.

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