Saturday, October 1, 2016

Faith in God and the Goodwill of Others

Sarah moved with her son from Virginia to Ventura County to live closer to her older son. Her plan was to find work, but first she found little affordable housing. Suddenly homeless in winter, Sarah thought, “I’m in a bad situation, but I’m going to find a place for us to stay until I find an apartment.” Some nights, that place was Denny’s, where she and her son ordered water and coffee so they could stay warm and dry. Through St. Vincent de Paul, Sarah and her son received temporary housing and help from Case Manager Molly Skidmore. Before long, Skidmore found Sarah an apartment. The Society provided bedding, dishes and bus fare so Sarah could move in and go to job interviews. Sarah found a job within a week. Sarah had moments of panic during her homelessness, but said her optimism never waned as she searched for permanent housing. She had faith in God and the goodwill of others.
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