Friday, September 30, 2016

Prospect Sierra School Serves SVdPLA

Students from Prospect Sierra came from San Francisco to volunteer at our LA thrift store this week. Thank you Prospect Sierra!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Friday ONLY Sale!

This Friday ONLY, 20% off furniture and 50% off everything else at the LA store! We have a lot of brand new shoes: Nikes, Supras, Adidas, and Toms just to name a few! Stock up for winter coats or get a great deal on Halloween costumes. 

Vincentian Inspirations

"Though the doctor is a member of the staff,
he has need of your intelligent and devoted cooperation."
- St. Vincent de Paul

“Aunque el doctor es un miembro del personal,
él/ella necesita de tu inteligente y devota cooperación.”

- San Vicente de Paul

Heavenly Father, it is so important in this day and age
for physicians and staff to work as a team.
Keep me mindful that the input of all members of the 
team is necessary
for the positive outcome of the work being done.

Padre celestial, es tan importante en estos tiempos
para los médicos y el personal trabajar como un equipo.
Mantenme consciente de que la participación de todos los miembros del equipo
es necesaria para que el trabajo que se realiza sea exitoso. 

Vincentian Services Department
Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles

General Meeting Sept. 2016

Over 60 Vincentians met for the Sept. 2016 General Meeting at the De Paul Center this week. Claire Padama presented on the state of the council and was recognized for her 6 years of service as president. New council president Ray Sweet begins his term Oct. 1, 2016. Thank you Claire for your years of service and leadership!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Vincentian Inspiration

Happy Feast Day of our Patron,
St. Vincent de Paul!

¡Feliz Día de nuestro Santo Patrón,
San Vicente de Paul!

"We are living at a time when one must not incur useless expense.
Public distress surrounds us on all sides. It is feared that it may overtake us;
and, even should we be spared, compassion should urge us to do all we can for those who suffer."
- St. Vincent de Paul

“Estamos viviendo en tiempos en los cuales uno no debe contraer gastos innecesarios.
Descontento público nos rodea por todos lados.  Se teme que pueda dominarnos;
y, aun si no sucede esto, la compasión debe impulsarnos a hacer todo lo que podamos por aquellos que sufren.”

-San Vicente de Paul

Today's atmosphere of tremendous change and tight budgeting demands
a great deal of creativity to maintain our work for the poor and suffering.
Gift me, Lord, with the creativity I need to continue that work in spite of the obstacles I face.

La atmósfera de cambios tan tremendos y presupuestos tan escasos demanda
Una gran creatividad para mantener nuestro trabajo por los pobres y los que sufren.
Hazme el regalo, Señor, de la creatividad necesaria para continuar la labor a pesar de los obstáculos que me confrontan.

Vincentian Services Department
Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Thrift Store Thursday

At SVdPLA, Thrift Store Thursday kicks off a day early! This Wednesday (9/28) and Thursday (9/29) only, all clothing with a GREEN tag is just 99 cents. New color tags are revealed every Wednesday.

Shoe Palace and Timberland Serve CMC

Today Shoe Palace and Timberland served a delicious lunch at the Cardinal Manning Center for homeless men on Skid Row. Thank you for your kind service!

Prospect Sierra School Serves SVdPLA

Students from Prospect Sierra School volunteered at our LA thrift store today. Thank you Prospect Sierra!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Circle V in Los Alamos Days Parade

Los Alamos, Santa Barbara County, California—The 70th annual Los Alamos Old Days hosted its “Greatest Little Small Town Parade” today (Sunday, 9/25/16) under warm, sunny skies starting at 11:00 a.m. featuring more than 400 participants in 41 entries from around the region. The parade and festivities attracted an estimated 3,000 people to the community today according to organizers. This year’s parade theme was “Celebrating Our Community.”

Los Alamos Old Days is sponsored, coordinated and hosted by all-volunteer members of the Los Alamos Valley Men’s Club (LAVMC)—a philanthropic 501(C)3 not-for-profit group of men, women and families—dedicated to preserving the town’s unique Western character and hospitality. LAVMC provides scholarships and funding to local students and other non-profit organizations, as well as offering its facilities for rent for private events. The Club is supported by tax-deductible donations from individuals, families and businesses.'

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friends of the Poor Walk

8th Annual ‘Friends of the Poor Walk/Run’ September 24 in Burbank


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a nonprofit organization that helps those living in poverty, is sponsoring the 8th Annual Friends of the Poor Walk/Run on Saturday, September 24th. The event benefits those in need in the San Fernando Region (including the San Fernando, Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys).
Event registration will begin at 7:30am at the St. Finbar School playground located at 2120 W Olive Ave. in Burbank. The Walk/Run will end at the same location at 10am. Participants with minimum pledges will receive a free t-shirt.
Families may join the walk as a fun family activity, corporate and community teams are also invited to participate.
Anyone interested in learning more, participating, making a pledge or sponsoring this event can for information. Virtual walkers are welcome.  

Friends of the Poor Walk

Looking for a grassroots opportunity to give back to your community? Join SVDPLA’s San Fernando District this Sep 24 at the Friends of the Poor Walk Fundraiser.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Preventing Zika Virus Event

A free event this Saturday to learn the effects of the Zika virus and prevention methods at Tzu Chi USA in the Los Angeles County.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Friends of the Poor Walk

Collaborate with our volunteers to raise money at the Friends of the Poor Walk with SVdPLA San Fernando District on Sep 24.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Vincentian Inspirations

"Usually, God wills to save men [and women] through men;
Our Lord, Himself, became man to save all."
- St. Vincent de Paul

“Usualmente, la voluntad de Dios es salvar a hombres [y mujeres] a través del hombre;
Nuestro Señor, El mismo, se hizo hombre para salvarnos a todos.”
- San Vicente de Paul

Lord, help me to care for others as you have cared for me.

May no opportunity for an encouraging word or a listening ear pass

Señor, ayúdame a cuidar a los demás como tú me has cuidado.
Que no deje yo pasar una oportunidad para compartir una palabra de aliento,
o para escuchar a alguien.

Vincentian Services Department
Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friends of the Poor Walk

Soak in that vitamin D this Sep 24 with St. Vincent de Paul San Fernando Conference Friends of the Poor Walk Fundraiser!

Vincentian Inspiration

The Principle of Preferential Protection for the Poor
We believe that we touch Christ when we touch the needy.  The Church teaches that we will be judged
by what we choose to do or not to do in regard to the hungry, the thirsty, the sick, the homeless, the prisoner. 
Today, the Church expresses this teaching in terms of “the preferential option for the poor.”
-Ten Foundation Principles in the Social Teaching of the Church, Fr. Robert P. Maloney, C.M. (Serving in Hope, Module IV p. 14)

El Principio de la Protección Preferencial por los Pobres
Nosotros creemos que tocamos a Cristo cuando tocamos a los necesitados.  La Iglesia enseña
que seremos juzgados por lo que elegimos hacer o no hacer en cuanto corresponde a los hambrientos,
los sedientos, los enfermos, los indigentes, los prisioneros. Hoy, la Iglesia expresa esta
enseñanza en términos de la “opción preferencial por los pobres.”

-Diez Principios Fundamentales en la Enseñanza Social de la Iglesia, Rev. Roberto P. Maloney, C.M. (Sirviendo en Esperanza, Módulo IV, pág. 14)

Jesus – Artist Unknown

Whenever I encounter someone who is struggling—financially, culturally or spiritually – help me to see,
Lord, that it is You who I am to serve, in the person of this brother or sister in need.

Cuando me encuentro a alguien que sufre – económicamente, culturalmente o espiritualmente – ayúdame
A ver, Señor, que es a Ti a quien sirvo en la persona de este hermano o hermana necesitado/a.

Vincentian Services Department
Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles

Camino Nuevo Serves SVdPLA

Students from Camino Nuevo Charter Academy volunteered at our LA thrift store today. Thank you Camino Nuevo!

OMCG Serves CMC Lunch


Our Mother of Good Counsel Conference served a popular fried chicken lunch today at the Cardinal Manning Center on Skid Row.  SVdPLA Executive Director David Fields said, “I think Our Mother of Good Council holds the record for servings at the CMC.” Thank you OMGC!

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

September Birthdays Celebrated

Congrats to all staff celebrating birthdays this month.

The Carey Family Wins Auction

Thrift store shoppers the Carey Family won the Rams shirts silent auction Sept. 14, 2016. Thanks to all who participated.

Vincentian Inspiration

"We must never be surprised when those upon whom we relied fail us;
it is then that God steps in to do his work."
- St. Vincent de Paul

“Nunca debemos sorprendernos cuando aquellos en quien confiábamos nos fallan;
entonces es cuando Dios viene y hace su trabajo.”

-San Vicente de Paul

Lord, when those in whom I trust fail me and 
all seems lost,
teach me to forgive from my heart.
Be my strength at those difficult times.

Señor, cuando aquellos en quien yo confío me fallan y todo parece estar perdido,
enséñame a perdonar desde mi corazón.
Sé mi fortaleza en esos momentos difíciles.

Vincentian Services Department
Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Thrift Thursday

At SVdPLA, Thrift Store Thursday kicks off a day early! This Wednesday (9/14) and Thursday (9/15) only, all clothing with a RED tag is just 99 cents. New color tags are revealed every Wednesday

Vincentian Inspiration

"One thing is wanting - works of charity.
The blessing of the poor is the blessing of God.
Let us go to the poor."
- Bl. Frederic Ozanam.

“Hace falta una cosa – obras de caridad.
La bendición de los pobres es la bendición de Dios.
Vayamos a los pobres.”

-Beato Federico Ozanam

Heavenly Father, enliven my faith
so I can see you in those who are suffering.

Padre Celestial, dale vida a mi fe
para que pueda verte en aquellos que sufren.

Vincentian Services Department
Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles

Friday, September 9, 2016

Drop Off Large Donations

To drop off large donations by car:
1.Notify security located at the front of the store you would like to make a donation.
2.Have supervisor determine acceptance of the donation.
3.Receive donation receipt from security.

Mass Today to Celebrate Frederic’s Feast

SVdPLA held a Mass today at the LA thrift store to celebrate our founder Frederic Ozanam’s Feast Day. A new statue of St. Vincent de Paul was also blessed by Fr. Pedro Villarroya, C.M.

Vincentian Inspiration



Two beautiful reflections on Frédéric’s life follow. 
The English and Spanish are not the same, so you get to enjoy two different inspirations if you are bilingual!

Aquí puede leer dos bellas reflexiones sobre la vida de Federico Ozanam. 

Las versiones en inglés y español son diferentes, así que si usted es bilingüe ¡puede disfrutar de ambas!

On the eve of the Third Millennium of the faith, the great apostle of charity and reconciliation during the nineteenth century would be recognized by the Church as one who lived the Christian virtues in an heroic way and therefore is held up before our eyes as a symbol of integrity in living the Christian life in a world submerged in secularism, functional agnosticism and so many other ideologies that separate individuals from God and from one another. When the time came for John Paul II to proclaim that Frederic Ozanam would be beatified, the world was able to contemplate the image of a forward looking follower of the Lord who embraced the very necessary tasks of the New Evangelization.
Frédéric Ozanam, whom we celebrate this week, sought to heal the wounds that structural poverty had wrought.
Do you see yourself as an “apostle of reconciliation” in your service and evangelization?

“Aunque Federico Ozanam mantuvo con gran distinción una cátedra profesional en la Sorbona/Universidad de París, sin embargo, se daba tiempo para subir las escaleras de las altas viviendas de familias pobres, a visitarles, conversar con ellos y asistirles – familias que existían a duras penas. Así que, Federico nos recordaría que la Sociedad de San Vicente de Paúl está fundada en la experiencia de visitar al pobre en persona. ¿En persona? – ¡Si!…lo que ha caracterizado a la Sociedad desde sus principios, y debe continuar ahora, es su determinación a ser más que una agencia de ayuda. Sus miembros son llamados a ser, no nomás expendedores de alimentos, servicios sustanciales y vestuario a los pobres – sino que expendedores también, del amor y compasión de Cristo, que ha sido derramado en sus corazones por el espíritu de Dios.” (McCullen, Cosas Profundas)
¿Cómo, en nuestra Conferencia, estamos viviendo el espíritu de Federico?

Vincentian Services Department
Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles

~ ~ ~

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Blessed Frederic Ozanam Feast Day Mass

Tomorrow, in the LA store, we are holding mass for Blessed Frederic Ozanam Feast Day at 2 pm. Please RSVP if you would like to join us! See flyer for details.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Philippine Children Get SVdPLA Flutes

 Disadvantaged children in the Philippines received flutes this summer made by Circle V Ranch Camp campers.

SVdPLA-Rams Story on KCAL9

SVDP Annual Friends of the Poor Walk/Run

Calling all runners and walkers: Join us Sep 24th for SVDP Friends of the Poor Walk/Run to raise money for the poor and homeless. The Santa Barbara District will be running around the scenic River View Park. See link for more details.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

David Fields on KCAL9 Today at Noon

Fields to be interviewed at 12:40pm about SVdPLA’s Rams promotional at the LA thrift store, after a St. Louis Rams fan mailed two Rams shirts to the LA thrift store to sell, raising money for the poor. 

Blessed Frederic Ozanam Feast Day Mass

Blessed Frederic Ozanam Feast Day is September 9th! Join us in the LA store for mass at 2 pm. RSVP:

Sunday, September 4, 2016

50% off EVERYTHING! Extended Labor Day sale

Labor Day Sale extended! Take advantage of 50% off wedding dresses, computers, Halloween costumes, brand new merchandise and much much more! 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Ecological Debt Awareness Month

The Zero Waste Guy made a great point about outweighing your environmental impact and your desire for something new! Purchase second hand at SVdPLA and save the environment. 

Friends of the Poor Walk/Run SVdPLA Fundraising Event

Funds raised from the Friends of the Poor Walk help those in need with food, clothing, medicine, housing assistance, transportation and utility costs, job training and placement, and disaster relief.

All proceeds from the Walk directly benefit people in the communities where the money is raised. There are no administrative fees associated with the event.

The 2014 Walk was held at 247 locations around the country, attracted more than 25,000 participants, and raised more than $2.6 million. Our local walks:

Join La Purisima Concepcion on Sep 24, 2016 at 8am. Details:

Join St. Finbar Catholic Community on Sep 24, 2016 at 9am. Details: .