Monday, June 10, 2013


Fifty Vincentians, Society board members and staff all ate delicious appetizers, drank wine and soda and shopped at the Society's Los Angeles Thrift Store Vincentian Mixer Friday, June 7, 2013.  Almost $700 was spent by participants at the store that evening. Many compliments were received from Vincentians and attendees: 
  • "Great music"
  • "Fun shopping"
  • "Love the special shopping event just for us, we feel special"
  • "Nice to just get to just sit and talk"
  • "The thrift store looks great"
  • "Love the discount"
  • "Never knew you had such great items here"
  • "I will tell lots of people from my conference for next time"
Photos: (Top) Society deputy executive director David Garcia pours wine for Vincentian guests. (Bottom) Attendees Olga Blanthorne, Mercedes Carrillo, Maui Ruiz and Helen Mata. 

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