Tuesday, January 8, 2013


     Deacon Bob Seidler, Assistant to Bishop Gerald Wilkerson, credits his three summers (1957 - 1959) at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul's Circle V Ranch Camp, with his interest in ministry.  "In those days, most of the counselors were seminarians," said Seidler. "They were a big reason I went to the seminary."  

Seidler rediscovered a photo of the ordination of  Monsignor Peter Amy (above). In the photo, left to right, are Reverend Amy, Bob Seidler, Mario Nargi, Tim Nielsen and Ted Schneringer.  "The four of us, and others from our grade school class at St. Patrick's in North Hollywood, were all at St. Vincent de Paul Ranch Camp where "Dead Eye" Pete was one of our counselors," said Seidler.

Seidler went to St. John's Seminary (1964 - 1968) but discerned a call to married life, later marrying and having two children and four grandchildren.  Seidler was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, trained as a motion picture lab technician, spent 31 years in that industry, at Universal Studios from 1990 to 2005, and left there as Vice President of Digital Video Services. 

"We were always involved in ministry," said Seidler, of his wife Pon and himself. "Once my kids were old enough to stay home on the weekends by themselves, I became a deacon."  

One of Seidler's cherished mementos is a hand-made, copper-plated athletic award from the Circle V Ranch Camp.  Most of the counselors wrote their names on the back. Perhaps some of these names will bring back memories if you attended the Circle V Ranch Camp in the late 1950s:
Tony Landes
Tom Haggerty
Rich Boylan
Pete Amy
John Clarke
Dave Regalado
Bill Flaherty
Don Farmer
Emery Tomar
Paul Dotson
Phil Berryman
Nick Barnett
Bundy Noonan
Larry Lynch
Michael Henschel
Don Reiman

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