Wednesday, October 3, 2012


"Let us love God...but let it be with the strength of our arms and the sweat of our brows."                             - St. Vincent de Paul

A celebration of St. Vincent de Paul's feast day took place with 120 members of the extended Vincentian family September 27, 2012, at a mass and party at the De Paul Evangelization Center in Montebello, California.  Beer, wine, appetizers and desserts were served. Join us at this fun event next year!

Frederic Ozanam: "A a model one must strive to imitate, as he himself imitated the model of Jesus Christ.  He is a life to be carried on, a heart in which one's own heart is enkindled, an intelligence from which light should be sought; he is a model on earth and a protector in heaven...Without a doubt St. Vincent de Paul had an anticipated vision of the evils of our age: he was not a man to build on sand, nor to build for two days...Let us work in his light: let us honor our Father in this patron so worthy of love, and we shall live long. We shall perhaps see one day the children of our old age find ample shade under this institution whose frail beginnings we have seen. "

Photos: Members of the extended Vincentian family, including (top) Fr. Pedro Villarroya, CM, the primary celebrant of the mass honoring St. Vincent de Paul.

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