Monday, February 6, 2012

Circle V Ranch 'Theme Weeks' Announced for 2012 Summer Camp

Do you want your child (age 7-13) to attend summer camp at St. Vincent de Paul's beautiful CIRCLE V RANCH in Santa Barbara this year? Not sure which week to choose? Maybe knowing the themes for all eight sessions will help make your decision easier. Please see below...

* Session 1: June 27-July 2 = PIRATES ADVENTURE WEEK: The Pirates of Circle V need you, as you and your group build a real life ship to sail on the Circle V seas!

* Session 2: July 6-11 = MVP WEEK “SPORTS EXTRAVAGANZA”: Includes all your favorite sports activities. Everyone is a winner at Circle V!

* Session 3: July 11-16 = LOST IN SPACE WEEK: Travel to Planet Circle V as we discover other planets and faraway lands. It will be a “Star Wars Adventure”.

* Session 4: July 18-23 = INTERNATIONAL WEEK: With Flutes Across the World, it's a celebration of nations with all your favorite camp activities and good old- fashioned fun!

* Session 5: July 23-28 = KNIGHTS and PRINCESSES of the ROUNDTABLE: Are you ready to be a Knight or Princess at King Arthur’s annual feast and Renaissance Faire?

* Session 6: July 31-August 5 = CARNIVAL WEEK: Old-fashioned fun with all your favorite carnival games!

* Session 7: August 5-10 = CIRCLE V IDOL “TALENT SHOW": Lights, camera, action! Who will be crowned the Circle V Idol of 2012?

* Session 8: August 11-16 = SUPER HERO WEEK: Bring your cape and superpowers as we protect the magical Kingdom of Circle V!

INFORMATION: 805-688-5252 or 323-224-6213.

Photo: " ready for summer camp?"
by Jasmine Simental

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