Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Shelter Tour Puts Face on Homelessness

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul recently held a special tour called 'Gimme Shelter II' at the Ventura National Guard Armoury, site of the Society's emergency winter shelter in West Ventura County.

Individuals and prospective members of the Friends of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul visited the shelter to get a first-hands look at the day-to-day operation. The shelter is a safe haven for more than 100 individuals nightly during the winter. Following the visit, the group went next door to Barber Volkswagen where they spoke with community leaders.

David Fields, executive director of the Society, also spoke about St. Vincent de Paul's thoughts on additional programs to assist the homeless in the cities of Ventura and Oxnard.

Photos (top to bottom): Society staff set up cots for the evening; Marc Melinkovich, who helps oversee the winter shelter, talks to the group about the program; One of the meals being prepared for the homeless at the shelter; The group meets at Barber Volkswagen following the tour to discuss the local homeless problems and possible future goals.
Photos by Ron Mulvhill

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