Thursday, August 4, 2011

Words of Society's founder still ring true today for SVdP's outreach

What sets the Society of St. Vincent de Paul a part from other charitable organizations is its home visits from the Society's close to 2,000 year-round 'Vincentian' volunteers in the counties of Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara. The word home doesn't always mean a residence, though. It sometimes means a car parked alongside a street, a person living in cardboard box under a bridge, etc.

The following are quotes from the Society's founder, Blessed Frédéric Ozanam (1813-1853), that still hold true today in St. Vincent de Paul's outreach to ALL people:

“Let us do without hesitation whatever good lies at our hands”.

“Yours must be a work of love, of kindness, you must give your time, your talents, yourselves”.

“We must do what is agreeable to God. We must do what Our Lord Jesus Christ did when preaching the Gospel. Let us go to the poor. Let us learn of Him”.

“Knowledge of the poor and needy is not gained by pouring over books or in discussions with politicians, but by visiting the slums where they live, sitting by the bedside of the dying, feeling the cold they feel and learning from their lips the causes of their woes”.

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