Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Act of Kindness Deserves Another

Helping others is what St. Vincent de Paul is all about. And, it doesn't just have to occur on the job. Service to others is a daily experience that we all can participate in, regardless of your job.

For example:

Our fund developer, Grace Casian, stopped at a local In-N-Out Burger after work last night, placed her order in the drive-thru and waited her turn. Upon receiving her food, Grace was told that the individual in the car before her had already paid for her order!

Grace didn't know the individual, but was informed that it was a regular customer who always paid for the car behind her. Grace was taken back by this nice deed. In turn, she paid for the food in the car following her, saying that it felt really good to show this simple act of kindness.

Being kind to others is simple, and you never know how it will impact other lives. Regardless of the deed, take time today to be generous to others. You'll come away feeling blessed.

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