Monday, July 5, 2010

A Note from the Society's National Office

Dear SVDP Members:

It is our pleasure to announce the new Vincentian Youth and Young Adult website:

This website will help to keep you current on the groups and the activities of young people who are engaged in the works of the Society. It will give you ideas on ways to engage young people in your own conferences. As our Rule states: "Young members keep the Society young ... The senior members assume the responsibility of assisting them along their path of training, respecting their personal choices and their aspirations of Vincentian service." (Rule 3.7)

Thank you for your encouragement and support.

Vincentian Youth Gathering World Youth Day

It is the goal of the Youth and Young Adult Committee to have 15 members attend the Vincentian Youth Meeting and World Youth Day events in August, 2011. Ideally, we would like one representative from each region to go but we would also like to have other young people who are members of the Society to participate with us.

Australia, Ireland, Brazil are sending 15-20 young people to represent their country. Let us try to do the same.

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