Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'NCIS' actress Pauley Perrette to be honored at 3rd Annual Camper by Camper Gala

Actress Pauley Perrette, whose character Abby on NCIS is enjoyed by TV viewers around the world, will receive the Society's Community Advocate's Award at St. Vincent de Paul's 3rd Annual Camper by Camper Gala on May 1st in Beverly Hills.

Perrette will be honored for her work with children and the homeless. Proceeds from the Gala will help send disadvantaged boys and girls to the Society's Circle V Ranch Camp near beautiful Santa Barbara this summer.

Below, please view a March 22nd article from
regarding Miss. Perrette's popularity:

Pauley Perrette as appealing as Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman? Kinda awesome.

by Mandi Bierly

Marketing Evaluations, Inc., The Q Scores Company, has just released its January/February 2010 Performer Q study, which asked a representative sample of 1,800 children, teens, and adults to rate the familiarity and appeal of personalities.

The surprising results: Perennial favorite Tom Hanks’ Q Score is now tied with Morgan Freeman’s and NCIS‘ Pauley Perrette’s — which means even though Perrette is roughly half as well-known as Hanks and Freeman, those who are familiar with her adore her. She’s the only female in the Top 10 (posted below).

Performer / Familiarity % / Q Score

1) Tom Hanks / 88 / 50
2) Morgan Freeman / 82 / 50
3) Pauley Perrette / 42 / 50
4) Robin Williams / 84 / 48
5) Clint Eastwood / 85 / 46
6) Mike Rowe / 57 / 45
7) Will Smith / 90 / 44
8) Johnny Depp / 91 / 43
9) Bill Cosby / 91 / 43
10) Harrison Ford / 83 / 43

It makes sense to me. If you know Perrette, you’re a fan of NCIS and probably only associate her with that show — so what’s not to like? Her Abby is a smart, funny, loyal, goth forensic specialist on TV’s top drama (which has way more character development than anyone who’s never seen the show would expect).

You still have time to participate in this year's Camper by Camper Gala. For sponsorship, advertising and ticket opportunities, please visit our web at or call 323-276-6083.


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