Monday, April 13, 2009

A Prayer for Monday

Divine Spirit:

1. I pray for You to enlarge in me and allow me to understand how to approach You.
2. I pray I will have spiritual growth, healing and good.
3. I pray for You to enter my mind and being so that I do not fear anything anymore.
4. I pray and I give thanks to You for enabling me to have another day in this earth plane, to learn my lessons and to connect to my spirit.
5. I pray I make this day as good to me and to others as You are good to me.
6. I pray and I ask for Your Truth to fill my mind and all my being this and every day.
7. I pray I would like to be financially free having more than enough money and prosperity in this life.
8. I pray for You to lead and guide me to ultra success today.
9. I pray for You to help me to learn the lessons I came into this lifetime to learn.
10. I pray for You to help me with my goals for this year, this week and today.
11. I pray and I thank You for this work I do, the people and the methods with which I earn my living.
12. I pray I will be given new opportunities to earn more than enough money and to fulfill my creative and internal desires to succeed.
13. I pray and give gratitude for all the good I have and go through each day with the proper attitude of gratefulness.
14. I pray and I believe in You and I trust You to provide for my every need, want and desire in Your own way and in Your own time. I am ready to receive all the good You have prepared for me in this lifetime, now.
15. I pray, at this very moment, I will cleanse from my heart and mind all thoughts that keep me from seeing and receiving the full hope of You.

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