Tuesday, August 29, 2017

So Pasadena Conference’s “Meal of Love"

Always looking for new ways to serve, the SVdPLA Conference of Charity at Holy Family Catholic Church in South Pasadena brought children and adult residents at Pasadena’s Ronald McDonald House a chicken fingers and ham dinner in a program called "Meals of Love" August 24, 2017.  The conference even brought cake and ice cream for dessert, much to the joy of the children present – many with challenging medical problems.

“Some organizations drop off the food and leave,” said conference member John Sanchez. “We like to have dinner with them. It’s a nice feeling.” Sanchez said most of the house residents are from out of the country, seeking medical procedures at Huntington Hospital for their kids, and speak only Spanish. “We made sure they had Spanish speakers,” he said. “They felt as if they were having a meal with friends or family.” 

“We get more out of it then we give,” said conference member and SVdPA board member Bill Cullinane. “We serve, eat and talk with them. I think they appreciate the company as much as the meal.” Conference members found another way to serve during the meal, discovering one parent had a broken suitcase, which presented her with challeges returning home. “We were able to bring her a suitcase the next day,” Sanchez smiled.

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