Monday, July 3, 2017

Finding Hope After Unpredictable Disaster

 “It’s just a really great place for me, and I’m making a comeback.”
-Bryce, St. Vincent de Paul recipient

It’s been five years since Bryce’s seizures started. It took three decades to build a stable, comfortable life for himself in Santa Barbara County, and just five years for it to completely fall apart. “It’s been rough. It’s been really rough,” Bryce said wistfully. “Things were going really well for me, and then life turned around.”

Last year, a sudden seizure while driving caused him to crash his car. Nobody was hurt, but Bryce lost his license, and consequently his job. “I had a little savings that lasted just a few months, and I lost the apartment when that ran out.”

Bryce is now living at SVdPLA’s Cardinal Manning Center (CMC) on Skid Row, where compassionate staff provide regular meals, case management support, and a safe place to sleep at night. “It’s just a really great place for me, and I’m making a comeback,” said Bryce, whose dedication to making a full recovery has already paid off. “The seizures are under control. I feel like I have them behind me.”

It isn’t home, but the stability afforded him by the CMC has allowed Bryce to begin healing and working to get his license reinstated. With the Society’s help, Bryce is picking up the pieces of his old life and saving up for the day he can make a new start for himself, with a new place to call home.

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