Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Homeless to Hopeful

Tyrone slept under the Los Angeles Sixth Street Bridge and its environs for nearly 20 years. “It was dangerous down there, with murders and drug addicts, but less dangerous than Skid Row. I slept side by side with my nephew, and we covered each other’s backs,” he said. Tyrone’s daughter traveled all the way from Pittsburg to find him lying on the sidewalk near the bridge. This prompted Tyrone to rejoin humanity after years of drug and alcohol addiction. He came to live at the Society’s Cardinal Manning Center (CMC) on Skid Row, and quit his drug and alcohol addictions. The CMC staff helped him find housing. He now has his own cozy apartment and has been sober for nine years. He acts as a mentor for other men at the CMC as well as many others in the AA group Tyrone leads. “When you live on the streets it becomes normal to you,” he said. “But I was open to seeing a new way of living.” 

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