Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Circle V Flutes for the World

Campers at the Circle V Ranch Camp in Santa Barbara County spent their day on Thursday making folk-style flutes.
Each camper got to make two flutes out of California bamboo. They get to keep one and they will send the other flute to a child in the Philippines, who may have never heard or seen a flute.
Campers decorate the instrument and can write notes to send in the flute before they're shipped off.
In the program's seven year history, more than 10,000 flutes were created.
"I tell our students here in camp this year that it's not just a flute, it's a symbol of hope; it's a symbol of outreach, of caring, that as American children reach out to other parts of the world it can reflect who we are as Americans," said John Keretzke, Flutes Around the World Director.
Zeretzke will deliver the flutes, himself, in January.
Please click the link below to see the video/story that aired on the KSBY-TV Ch. 6 (NBC, Central Coast) last Thursday evening:

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