Monday, July 21, 2014

Broken children are mended here by getting some love

St. Vincent de Paul’s summer Circle V Ranch Camp provides more than wilderness experiences to 1,200 kids.

Sitting on a wood plank bench in the outdoor chapel, Matthew Herrera was seriously thinking how much more comfortable it was then on those big round logs — lots better with no bugs crawling up your legs. For five years he’d swatted them away.

This morning, midway through the week of his sixth summer at Circle V Ranch Camp, he was listening to Father Peter, who he liked a lot, do his sing-song thing — calling out and campers calling back.
Like right now, with the priest saying in “church talk” you could understand, even with his funny Irish accent, “‘The table at which He was plentifully nourished.’ Nourish means to feed. What does nourished mean?”

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