Wednesday, September 28, 2011

13th Annual Layette Project in Los Angeles is a Hit!

In celebration of the Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul on Tuesday, approximately 15'Vincentian' volunteers from the Society's Our Lady of Angels (OLA) District distributed layette packages to 50 newborns at California Hospital Medical Center.

New mothers were pleasantly surprised by the gifts and were appreciative of the kindness shown them and their newborns by people they had never met.

"Oh my gosh," said Alejandra Vasquez. "So cute. I was not expecting these things. I can use everything they gave me today. (The people from St. Vincent de Paul) were so nice. You can tell it came from their hearts."

The first six children born on or near St. Vincent de Paul's Feast Day were also presented strollers.

Originally founded by Vincentian Dorothy Campbell 13 years ago, the layette project is a favorite of OLA President Suzanne Mingleton.

"We've been planning for this since January. Not only did we hold fundraisers, but more of the Conferences in our District also participated in purchasing and donating the gifts. We are very proud of the packages we handed to the moms."

Mingleton added that she enjoys the layette project for another reason. "In some cases, if they haven't named their babies already, I get a chance to tell them to name them Vincent. Paul is okay too," she said laughing.

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