Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Letter from SVdP's New National Development Director


I would like to introduce myself. I am the new National Director of Development, Steve Martinez. I am very excited about joining the National Staff and assisting in the development and management of the resources that are essential to the Society's mission.

It is the time of the year when we are preparing for our Annual Year-End Appeal. The mailing is scheduled to be mailed to the Society members and National office donors on November 11, 2010, about two weeks after the Ozanam Newsletter is delivered. The National appeal raises funds to support programs and services administered by the National office. The National Friends of the Poor® Walk, for example, continues to grow and provide local funding to assist those who lack basic human needs. This program alone has the potential to bring in millions of dollars to help our Conferences (groups of volunteers) aid to those in need. The National Friends of the Poor® Grant Program distributed $164,000 to Conferences in eight regions.

In addition, the National Council unveiled its National Vehicle Donation Program, which can also provide significant funds to our Councils and Conferences.

Because of your generosity, these funds and others provided a wide variety of aid and support, administered by our 146,000 members who have dedicated themselves to alleviate their neighbors' suffering through food pantries, housing assistance, disaster relief, job training and placement, clothing, transportation and utility costs, home visits, care for the elderly, and medicine.

This is one of our largest fundraising activities of the year and it will require your support to be successful. Please share the mail date with the local councils so they can plan accordingly.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Steven F. Martinez

National Development Director
National Council of the United States Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Inc.

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