Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thank you, Vincentians!

Last fiscal year, more than 2,000 'Vincentian' volunteers from the Society's L.A. Council donated 308,000 hours of their time and drove close to 763,000 miles in their personal vehicles - at their own expense - to make home visits and help improve the quality of life for thousands of children, women and men in need.

Close to 90 percent of the Council’s Vincentians are age 40 and older and of various ethnicities and national backgrounds, which proves to be essential in serving this region’s diverse population.

Thoughts from volunteers on why they assist the less fortunate:

“I volunteer because I believe in the need to assist others when we can. And it gives me an opportunity to use my work skills in the community. The (Conference) I work with tries to help others help themselves. This is very satisfying for me.”

~ Barbara, 54, Ojai

“Being a Vincentian allows me to help those in need. It helps me get out of myself, while putting my problems in proper perspective. I get to know my community and what it needs. When helping the poor, I understand why God needs us to volunteer. He needs us to do His work, and it makes me feel good."

~ Dorothy, 61, Pomona

Thank you, Vincentians, for EVERYTHING you do to help God's beloved poor!

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