Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Did You Know?

The Society's Cardinal Manning Center (CMC) provides hope and shelter for 73 men, five women and seven children each night in downtown Los Angeles each night. Close to 111,000 individuals were served through the drop-in program last year, providing showers, a computer/reading room, groups for emotional support and help in moving from homelessness to self-reliance through on-site services. There was a 49% increase in families and 8% climb in men using these services from the previous year. This is just one of several programs that CMC offers to help the homeless get back on their feet.

Case: Upon becoming homeless, Janella and her youngest daughter, Raquel, 16, a high school student who also worked part-time, entered the Cardinal Manning Center. Initially, Janella did not endure herself to the program. She missed counseling appointments, lacked social and parental skills, accused other clients of outlandish behavior and had trouble saving money and budgeting. Following referrals and collaborative efforts with nearby non-profits, Janella eventually found affordable housing for her and Raquel. The mother now works part-time as an in-home caregiver, while the daughter attends community college. Raquel plans to transfer to a university, earn a graduate degree and work with victims of domestic violence.

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