Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Circle V Ranch Staff Goes to Training!

Nine members of the Circle V Ranch staff on Sunday participated in a day-long training session at the CATZ Sports Performance Center in Pasadena.

Camp Director Ray Lopez and his staff thanks CATZ owner and founder, Jim Liston, and his amazing staff for guiding them through a fun-filled and educational training session. This summer, the CATZ physical education program will be implemented at Circle V.

Ray says that "We were given tools to create a motivational and inclusive environment that would give youth the opportunity to love being physically active. We can’t wait to Introduce some of the games like Hickleball and Octopus tag. What’s Hickleball, you ask? You’ll have to wait until camp begins to find out!"

Only 13 days until session one begins! It’s not too late to register!

CATZ was a sponsor of the Council's 3rd Annual Camper by Camper Gala recently. Go to catzsports.com for more information about its center.

Photos (l-r): Members of the Circle V Ranch staff at a CATZ training session; CATZ owner and founder Jim Liston reminds the Circle V staff to Praise authentically, Instruct appropriately and Encourage when necessary (PIE).

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