Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Claus visits St. Vincent de Paul's L.A. Store

They came. They saw. They gave their requests. And, they left with toys and smiles on their faces!

Santa Claus visited the Society's L.A. store last Saturday and passed out free gifts, bags of food and candy canes to children who had their photos taken with the man dressed in red. Even the young-at-heart stopped for a photo with St. Nick, as they temporarily relived their childhood dreams.

Many children couldn't contain their excitement, especially when Santa first arrived and walked through the store ringing a bell to announce his arrival. St. Nick then spent several hours visiting boys and girls, while Christmas music blared in the background.

Upon leaving St. Vincent de Paul's store, Santa was reportedly seen jumping in a sleigh and flying away with some reindeer leading the way.

Photos (top to bottom): Santa Claus says hello to a young child upon his arrival to the store; This young girl enjoys her visit with St. Nick; Even the young-at-heart take a moment to have a photo with Santa.

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