Friday, November 6, 2009

We may not do windows, but we can still help. And you'll receive a double tax-deduction!

Why call 1-800-JUNK when YOU can receive a tax donation?

* Are you relocating and have to leave your household items behind?
* Facing foreclosure and can't keep your furniture, appliances and more?
* Do you have a warehouse, a storage unit or an estate that needs to be emptied?
* Do you oversee a hotel/motel and need to discard current furniture for new items?
* Do you need to remove heavy & bulky items from your high-rise apartment?

No problem! Just pick up the phone and call 323-224-6214. And then relax!

The Society will send a truck to your site to remove any and all usable items you no longer need! The best part? You don't have to lift or move a thing! Just leave the items where they are, and the Society's workers will do all the work for you. Sorry, though. We don't do windows.

A hauling fee does apply, which will benefit the Society's outreach programs to help the homeless and working-poor, thus improving the economy! PLUS, you'll receive a tax-deduction for not only the items the Society picks up, but also for the hauling charge. Please call for a free estimate today!

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