Friday, October 2, 2009

Volunteers from Bovis Lend Lease in L.A. support Cardinal Manning Center

Coming together for the common good of mankind is an effective and rewarding way to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged and homeless children, women and men.

Volunteers from Bovis Lend Lease, Inc. in downtown Los Angeles recently exhibited this act of kindness by assisting the Society's Cardinal Manning Center (shelter) in Skid Row and its work with the homeless.

As part of the company's community service day, numerous individuals from Bovis devoted a good portion of their day to paint the women's section of the shelter, helping to brighten the living quarters for women with children who have fallen on hard times.

For the volunteers involved, this project was not work but, rather, a labor of love!

"One of the things I love about the company is that we have thousands of employees around the world who are doing work in the community. We're a construction company so we build communities, but we believe in supporting the communities were in anyway." said Melise Gerber.

For fellow volunteer Joe Policicchio, this project took on a deeper meaning.

"I was homeless once, but I am real fortunate now. I'm blessed and I want to bless other people," he said. "It feels good knowing that I helped somebody else out because people were there for me when I was down-and-out and I want to return the favor."

To say that volunteers are important to Cardinal Manning's overall outreach is an understatement.

"We wouldn't be able to do it without volunteers. Practically all the nice things that happen around here are done by volunteers," said Joan Sotiros, director of the Cardinal Manning Center. "The benefit is that the men and women who stay here or just use our facility on a day basis see other people giving. For so many of our people, it has been such a long time since they've been in a position to give. They're in survival mode. They have to keep taking and taking to survive.

"They get the idea that there's somebody out there who is giving. It's a different kind of giving than just something material. It's somebody who is helping to make my environment better; somebody cares about how nice it is where I live."

Thank you Bovis Lend Lease, Inc. for your time and generosity!

Photos (l-r): Volunteers from Bovis Lend Lease in downtown L.A. paint the women's section of the Council's Cardinal Manning Center (shelter); Melise Gerber of Bovis Lend Lease adds her artistic touch to the project.

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