Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Council Executive Director Jose Rossier announces his retirement

Executive Director Jose Rossier, who oversaw the Society's largest growth period in this Council's history, has announced his retirement, effective January 1, 2010.

Saying that his 30-year, early morning and late night commute to Los Angeles was now taking its toll on him, Rossier made his announcement at the Council's recent board meeting.

"I've been surrounded by wonderful board members and employees who have helped push the Council to the outreach we're able to provide today," he said. "I will miss it here. However, the time has come for me to spend more time with my wife and family. I feel I have done all that the Lord has asked of me here."

During his time with the L.A. Council, the Society's main office, shelter programs, camp services, thrift store operation and volunteerism expanded and improved to better serve the people in the counties of L.A., Ventura and Santa Barbara.

Today, the L.A. Council has the following:

* A two-story Cardinal Manning Center (shelter) in Skid Row for children, women and men;
* An emergency winter shelter in West Ventura County that the Council manages each year;
* A new large office and boardroom with the latest technology to meet the ever-growing needs in the Council's region;
* A Circle V Ranch Camp where 16 beautiful cabins with air conditioning and heat have replaced tents that were once THE sleeping quarters for all children. The cabins have also allowed the camp to host retreats throughout the year;
* Nearly a 100% increase in Conferences (groups of 'Vincentian' volunteers) that help improve the lives of the needy. Today, the Council has 105 Conferences;
* Three thrift stores in L.A., Long Beach and Oxnard, which help support the Council's outreach programs.

The board, employees and Vincentians of the Council thank Jose Rossier for his many years of service to the L.A. Council and the thousands of lives that were touched during his stay.

Enjoy a healthy and happy retirement, Jose!

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