Thursday, August 6, 2009

'Friends of the Poor' grants awarded to three Council Conferences

The Society's National Council recently awarded 'Friends of the Poor' grants to benefit Conferences with their local projects and needs in the community. Of the six grants that were awarded in the Western Region, three were received by Conferences in the L.A. Council - Holy Name of Jesus, L.A. ($3,000); Santa Clarita, Valencia ($3,500); and St. Frances of Rome, Azusa ($3,500). The amount of the grants were determined by the needs in each Conference area, based on proposals that were submitted from throughout the country.

In these difficult times, some of the ways in which our Council's three Conferences will allocate the funds to help the poor include: school uniforms, rent and mortgage, prescriptions, utilities, food, lodging for the homeless, and storage for the items that are distributed to the homeless, disadvantaged and working poor.

May God bless Holy Name of Jesus, Santa Clarita and St. Frances of Rome as the 'Vincentian' volunteers from each Conference use these funds to help improve the lives of children, women and men in their communities.

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