Wednesday, August 26, 2009

184 days and counting...

184 days and counting...

That's how long this Council has been accident-free! The previous high? 59 days. This number accounts for the Society's following locations:

* Main office in Los Angeles
* Three thrift stores in L.A., Long Beach and Oxnard
* Cardinal Manning Center (shelter) on Skid Row
* Emergency winter shelter in Ventura County
* Circle V Ranch Camp in Santa Barbara

However, the bulk falls on the Council's large store in L.A., which includes the production department for all three stores.

When the Society reached 100 days without an accident, the employees were rewarded and thanked with a pizza party. With less accidents, the Council's workman's comp rates are modified, which is a positive for everyone.

The Council's Human Resource Specialist, Valerie Salazar, indicates that the employee safety meetings and education about the sharp rise in costs of accidents and the impact it has on the company has been well received.

Valerie credits her various safety captains for their outstanding work, especially Salvador Salgado.

"He is a real team player, a company person and someone who genuinely cares for the people he works with here at the Society. Salvador is my right-hand man because he is out in the store and working with his fellow employees."

And what if the employees reach 200 consecutive days without an accident? How will they celebrate? Valerie wouldn't say, except that it would be big!

Photo: Safety Captain Salvador Salgado at work helping the Society help others.

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