Monday, July 13, 2009

A Prayer to see Jesus in Others

Being a Council Vincentian volunteer is not always easy. God doesn't promise that our outreach will be a smooth ride every time out. When you encounter a difficult situation, please remember the following prayer:

Oh Lord,
Help me to remember that is not
the irritating neighbor I aid,
the lonely traveller on the bus I listen to,
the sad child I hug,
the frightened friend who I pray for,
the grumpy husband I find keys for,
the sick person whose hand I hold,
but I do this all to you,
coming to me in the guise of the poor, and lonely, irritating and needy.

When my patience grows weary,
and my heart grows cold,
and my fright makes me faint,
may I warm my soul at this knowledge,
and come away,
strengthened to give once more.


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