November Birthdays


San Gabriel Winter Shelter Begins Dec.1


St. Vincent de Paul 2017 Annual Meeting on Video

This year's SVdP Annual Meeting was hosted in Tampa, Florida. Click to watch addresses.

Camino Nuevo High School Serves SVdPLA

Thanks Camino Nuevo students for your day of service to the poor and homeless at St. Vincent de Paul of Los Angeles.

Vincentian Family Day, November 4

Vincentian Family Day can best be described as our annual family reunion.  On Saturday, November 4th members from the various branches of the Vincentian Family came together to strengthen our family bond and promote greater awareness of our ministries.  Our theme for the day was ‘Welcoming the Stranger’, and our guest speaker was Archbishop Jose Gomez.  As chairman of the committee on Immigration and Refugees for the USCCB, Archbishop focused his thoughts on the works of the Bishops in the US & the work the LA Archdiocese.  He challenged us to understand the church’s teachings on Immigration and reform within the United States and to journey with our brothers and sisters experiencing the effects of migration.  Throughout the day we enjoyed the opportunity to hear about the various works being done by our Vincentians family.  There are programs we hope to be able to introduce to the conferences and provide resources that would provide yet another tool for self-sufficiency for our n…

All souls: L.A. County’s annual burial of the unclaimed dead

Father Chris Ponnet, SJ, and representatives of other faith traditions participate in an annual memorial service for the mass burial of the cremated remains of people whose bodies were never claimed at the L.A. County Crematory and Cemetery. The next service will be held Wednesday Dec. 6. (DAVID MCNEW/GETTY IMAGES)

Every year, around the beginning of December, always on a Wednesday, Los Angeles County holds a burial of the unclaimed dead. Continue Reading...

The Best Present He Ever Had

When a dispute over housing conditions couldn’t be resolved, Doug was evicted. Like so many of ourstruggling neighbors, the odds were stacked against him as he searched for a place to live.
“With credit scores, the high cost of rentals and especially an eviction on my record,” Doug says, “my efforts were in vain.”
Finally, with his few belongings tucked away in a storage locker, he laid his sleeping bag beside a church. His church, Our Lady of Grace.
“I grew up there. I was confirmed there,” he shares, recalling memories of a different time.
Once a prominent executive, a series of accidents and major health issues eroded Doug’s independence . . . and life slowly crumbled around him. Now, it seemed, God had called him back to this church to start again.
A member of the congregation noticed the homeless man living in their midst. “That gentleman referred me to St. Vincent de Paul, and they’ve helped me unbelievably,” Doug says. He is especially grateful to SVdPLA board member Adrian Dena, wh…