Dodgers Slump Due to Removal of Store Signs

SVdPLA General Operations Director Alfred Rodriguez blames his removal of Dodger Fan Sales Ads in the LA store for the team’s recent slump. “I made a mistake!” Rodriguez said, “I’m putting the signs back up!” Come to shop in Dodger gear for 20% off on game days. Go Dodger Blue!

Join the Friends of the Poor Walk Sept. 30, 2017!

Raise money for the needy in your local communities by walking. Register online at these locations in our council area: Hansen Dam Aquatic Center in Lakeview Terrace; Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Encino; River View Park in Buellton and St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Venice.

The Feast Day of Blessed Frederic Ozanam

Every year, on September 9th, Members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul around the world celebrate the Feast Day of the founder of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Blessed Frederic Ozanam. 

Buddhists Tour SVdPLA

Buddhists from the Rosemead Buddhist Temple toured the SVdPLA Los Angeles Thrift Store and administrative offices today to better understand our mission, and to encourage collaboration between our two faiths.

UCLA Spirit Squad Serves SVdPLA

UCLA’s Spirit Squad performed a day of service last weekend at SVdPLA’s LA thrift store. They also took time to regale our shoppers and staff.  Thanks so much UCLA!

Redemption on Skid Row

Once homeless and addicted, Tyrone is known today as the Mayor of Skid Row. "I used to sleep in front of that door 30 years ago,” Tyrone says, referring to the entrance to our Cardinal Manning Center. Those words reveal a tragic chapter in his life.

Before that time, he was a family man – with three daughters he loved more than life itself. “I called them my little queens,” he shares.
He had a good job in the Pennsylvania steel mills. Then the recession hit. “They shut everything down and a lot of us lost work. Some of my coworkers committed suicide,” he explains. That’s when Tyrone’s drinking began.
Tyrone’s brother lived in Las Vegas and suggested he go there to get back on his feet. “I worked in the casinos, but I was lonely without my family,” he says. "So I’d pour myself a drink and, well…” His voice trails off as he recalls his downhill spiral.
Then someone told him about California. “Live free. Warm weather. Palm trees. I came here with the illusion that it would be f…

So Pasadena Conference’s “Meal of Love"

Always looking for new ways to serve, the SVdPLA Conference of Charity at Holy Family Catholic Church in South Pasadena brought children and adult residents at Pasadena’s Ronald McDonald House a chicken fingers and ham dinner in a program called "Meals of Love" August 24, 2017.  The conference even brought cake and ice cream for dessert, much to the joy of the children present – many with challenging medical problems.

“Some organizations drop off the food and leave,” said conference member John Sanchez. “We like to have dinner with them. It’s a nice feeling.” Sanchez said most of the house residents are from out of the country, seeking medical procedures at Huntington Hospital for their kids, and speak only Spanish. “We made sure they had Spanish speakers,” he said. “They felt as if they were having a meal with friends or family.” 
“We get more out of it then we give,” said conference member and SVdPA board member Bill Cullinane. “We serve, eat and talk with them. I think t…